Reviews for Angela Laurino L.Ac , LMT  from “Yelp”

Review from Annie M.
Brooklyn, NY


My experience with Angela has been physically and emotionally transformative. She is an incredibly talented healer, a good listener, and very comforting and encouraging. I went to her for tennis elbow this past fall and have since seen not only by elbow heal so that I can play tennis again, but she also has helped me reduce my stress levels and resolved various aches and pains that I had assumed would be with me indefinitely. I enthusiastically recommend her

Review from Bella, F.

New York, NY

  • 6/19/2013

    I have been to at least 5 acupuncturists in my life before finding and sticking with Angela. She has treated me for various issues over the years (neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, reflux, anxiety, gastritis) She is amazingly knowledgeable about how the various body systems work together. She has given me very helpful advice on “western” remedies like diet and exercise as well as “eastern” remedies. She has had me on various herbs at different times that have been far more helpful to me than any of the more traditional “western” medication I was given by my doctor (especially when I had gastritis-I really credit her for getting me 100% better).
    One thing that has really impressed me about Angela over the years is how much energy she still puts into learning. She recently started using a taping technique which has been very helpful in conjunction with the needling and cupping for my musculoskeletal issues.
    I am a physical therapist and have referred many of my patients to Angela. Everyone has come back to me very very thankful for the introduction and most of them have continued with Angela for years (as have I). I have seen first hand the improvements in patients objective findings and symptoms after they have seen Angela.

Review from Tara N.
New York, NY


Initially, I came to Angela because I had a few questions regarding acupuncture.  I really had no intention of pursuing it further myself (as I had a not so wonderful experience prior to that).  Angela answered all of my questions and then some.  I remember being so affected by her passion and genuineness that I actually ended up making an appointment to see her.  Ended up being one of the best things I have ever done.

Angela is a true “healer” in every sense of the word.  She has helped me in so many ways.  Not only is she a gifted professional in her field (acupuncture and herbs), but she is a caring, wonderful person with a genuine interest in making a difference in your life.  Her gentle treatments combined with her expertise and warm demeanor make Angela a prime choice for improving your quality of life.  Hightly recommended!!!


Review from Giorgio P.

Brooklyn, NY

I met Angela working across the street from my job as a bartender.. after few conversations I realized how knowledgeable she was and decided to start treamtment…every time it has been a incredible  and calming experience with costumized diagnosis for every little detail which gave me a deep insight of my personal health status.


Review from Lindsey B.
Brooklyn, NY
I began seeing Angela on an almost weekly basis last September with the hope that acupuncture would help me to balance my stress levels and maintain sanity.  Over the past ten months, I have become hooked on acupuncture as a healing, soothing and balancing treatment and on Angela’s presence.  Angela herself is intensely calming, listens closely and compassionately to what is going on with her clients, and treats accordingly.  She is well versed in Eastern and herbal medicine, and will talk clients through their treatment so that they understand her process and so that they are at ease with the sometimes-daunting nature of acupuncture.  I am so grateful that I began seeing Angela and wholeheartedly recommend her services (which also include tui na massage and cupping)–she is wonderful, calming and uplifting force.

Review from Beatrice D.

New York, NY
I was referred to Angela by a good friend of mine. I had just moved to New York from California and my body was going through a lot of stress. Angela has an impressive knowledge of the mind-body dynamic. Her treatments are always evolving. I’m scared of needles but the results that I get after every a session is always what takes me back to her. She takes the time to pinpoint the problem, and then concocts the treatment.
She has helped me so much.
Review from JP F.
Brooklyn, NY
“I first met Angela when she was treating me for multi-symptoms of chronic lower back pain, hypothyroidism and grief. She was initially very intuitive and supportive. Over the many months of my treatment with needling and herbs, she helped me understand thoroughly where we going and what my deficiency was. She is a practitioner who takes great care and time with her patients, combining compassion with knowledge of medicine. A very rare combination.I am still treated by her 3 years later, at much less frequency. I am a pilates instructor- I send many of my clients to see her- a range of them who are suffering from either physical or emotional ailements, they too benefit from her talent and wisdom.
Review from Sarah P.
Brooklyn, NY


Angela is the BEST. I have been going to her for 2 years now and she has helped me so much. I started to see Angela after 10 years of suffering with tension headaches and TMJ and working with her has drastically reduced my headaches.

Angela is really easy to talk to and makes her patients feel super comfortable. After years of pain, and seeing countless doctors she is the first person that has been able to help me stop these vicious headaches. Seriously, once you see Angela for acupuncture you will never want to go to anyone else again. Highly recommend!!!!


Review from Rebecca C.
Brooklyn, NY

Having struggled with some tricky health issues for awhile, Angela helped me to cut to the root of the problem. Her no nonsense approach has helped me to make the changes in my life I needed to be fully healed. Through herbs, acupuncture, and her gracious wisdom, Angela’s got me feeling better than ever, and smiling like a kid again. So happy to be alive and feeling good! Thank you Angela!


Review from Chris F.

New York, NY


I tell my friends “You have to go see this miracle worker. She does acupuncture”. This is *no* exaggeration. Angela has helped me through problems that all previous medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc failed to fix. And not just one thing either: multiple ailments. From digestion to energy to knee and neck problems, she’s worked intuitively and with amazingly deep knowledge to find the source of the problem. I highly recommend her!


Review from Robyn F.

Brooklyn, NY


Angela has a true gift. She really works with her clients and listens to what they say. She cares so much about what she does. And that really shows in the results-I had many ailments that she cured. I would highly recommend Angela. I have had nothing but positive experiences with her.


Review from Josh N.

Brooklyn, NY


I wasn’t sold on acupuncture. I had gone a few times years ago to resolve some knee pain. I was open minded but I just wasn’t impressed. Fast forward two years…
I met Angela at Namaste. Her knowledge and compassion about the body impressed me immensely. Within 3 minutes of the treatment I felt an amazing release in my quads and IT bands. When the treatment was over, my knees didn’t click when I bent them, a issue i have been trying to resolve for 5 years now. Also, I was in another world. I could breathe a little deeper and I just floated home.
I am now a believer! And she is on speed dial next to my mom and my massage therapist.


Review from Lindsey K.
Brooklyn, NY


Angela gave me my first experience with acupuncture, and has kept me coming back.  She has helped me with both tendonitis and digestive issues.  Angela genuinely listens to your physical problems and works with you to improve them in a real way.  She has a kind and caring demeanor, backed up with a wealth of knowledge.  And she doesn’t shy away from any bodily issue you may be having.  I always leave sessions with her feeling amazing.  Angela is just great at what she does.  I would encourage anyone looking for acupuncture to go to her, even if you’ve never tried it before.  She’s very flexible with scheduling and does a lot of work for a very reasonable amount of money.


Review from Aimee M.

New York, NY


Angela has been my favorite acupuncturist and massage therapist for two years now.  She I always walk out of there feeling like I’m in a new body.  She is quite skillful and uses many techniques, including cupping, working with essential oils, herbs, etc and always has great advice about things I can do to feel better when I have to go awhile between visits.  I highly recommend her to anyone working with an injury or just needing a bit of time to de-stress.

Review from William M.

Brooklyn, NY


Having a tiny fear of needles made acupuncture a bit of a long stretch for me. However, with Angela it was never an issue. She was able to make me feel 100% comfortable by explaining the entire process to me and answering all of my questions (however silly they seemed). The best part is her holistic approach to medicine. She will assess your entire situation and helps you regain balance and serenity from the inside out. She did acupuncture to help me relieve stress, cupping when I was sick and has even helped me build a diet that has helped me avoid those two issues altogether. She is also an amazing listener, which for me is an important aspect to anyone I interact with. I knew how great she was, when the last time I went to see her, she said, “Well I hope you don’t have to come see me much anymore” Her main goal is to get you better, and for me it has worked!


Review from ChrissypantsD.

San Diego, CA


I have had the pleasure of working with Angela both clinically and as one of her patients.  As a colleague, I refer my patients, family, and friends to her care with the utmost confidence.  Angela upholds the integrity of the healing profession in the palm of her hand.

As a patient, while experiencing muskulo-skeletal difficulities Angela not only eased my pain, but prevented further injury from occurring.  Angela will thoroughly assess your needs and develop a focused and individulized treatment plan that will allow real healing to take place.

Angela will listen and support you on your journey to wellness as she has for me and will continue for so many others!



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